Ready to use, universal radiator fl uid with extended operating time. The use of high quality ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors assures perfect and long-lasting protection against corrosion to engine cooling systems.It effectively protects parts made from ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, and alloys, protecting also rubber and plastic parts. The cooling fl uid does not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates, silicates and borates, which has a positive impact on environmental protection. It protectsthe cooling system at highest temperature loads and provides resistance to freezing up to -35°C. Fluid can be usedfor a period of minimum5 years, the run of 250,000 km or 32,000 hours (stationary engines) depending on whichcondition is met earlier. Application: The fl uid is designed for application in cooling systems of all types of engines in passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks, as well as buses, construction machines, tractors and stationary engines. Full miscibility with all cooling fl uids prepared on the basis of ethylene glycol in G12 or G11 standards. Fluid should berefi lled. CLAXON fluid to radiators G12. It should be used in accordance with the operating manual recommended by the car maker.


plastic: 1l, 5l. Ask for other capacities if interested

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